Yamame is a unit that specializes as a disruptive support for the opponent's team. She is an event exclusive unit with a unit skill that makes her more powerful when surrounded by allies that cause status effects. Her stats focus on defensiveness, with high HP, DEF, and MNT but low SPD and ATK. She has fast level growth.

Where to Obtain Edit

Yamame and her spell cards can be acquired from the event quest "VS Yamame," which is open to all units level 5 and above on Easy difficulty.

Spell Cards Edit

Name Atrribute Power Cost Type Special Effect
Trap Sign "Capture Web" Brown 0 2 N/A Reduces the damage of an enemy's 3+ cost attack spell card and then breaks it. (Activates once from face-down position.)
Spider "Cave Spider's Nest" Yellow 0 3 N/A When an opponent declares a 4+ cost spell card, it is broken immediately. (Activates once from face-down position)
Miasma Sign "Filled Miasma" Brown 130 4 Physical attack 4 times. Slightly debuffs the ATK, DEF, MNT, and SPD of the targets it hits.

Strategy Edit

Yamame's unit skill makes her extra effective when surrounded by units like Cirno, Rumia, and Medicine due to dealing more damage against units afflicted with any negative status effects. She is not a strong attack unit, however, due to lacking both in ATK stat and actual attacking spell cards. Her Capture Web and Cave Spider's Nest spell cards are both "trap" auxiliary cards that stay face-down and do nothing until the enemy activates a spell card that matches their effect criteria. Capture Web allows the opponent to cast the attack spell card, but cuts the damage dealt during the targeted card's usage and then flips over and sends the opponent's card to Used. It only targets cards that are doling out an attack, so Reimu's Fantasy Seal and any of Aya's cards are only broken if the card has entered its attack phase past the unique activation effect, and auxiliary cards without attacks (like Sakuya's Tea Time) are unaffected. Capture Web also only activates when Yamame is the one hit. Cave Spider's Nest will break any 4+ card the moment the card flips over and activates for the first time. It ignores cards that are already in play, unlike Capture Web which will break cards that have already been activated before. Filled Miasma is similar to Reimu's Evil-Sealing Circle, except it adds even more debuffs to targets it strikes. Like Evil-Sealing Circle, though, its effect is still much smaller than the buffs from the likes of Duplex Barrier and Luna Clock. Also, Yamame's spell cards make her a good support for units that draw power from the number of Used cards, like Remilia. However, while her trap cards remove enemy cards from play, they are easily circumvented by using lots of low-cost cards instead of high-cost ones. Aya is still a more effective unit for dealing with parties that focus on low-cost cards.  

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