Hakurei Frontier is a continually updating game that will add more new characters as units over time. This list therefore covers all units released currently, and will continue to be updated as new girls join the roster.

Main Units Edit

Summoned Units Edit

Summoned units currently can only be called into play by Daiyousei's "Call for Help" spell card. These units are not part of the party and only last for one quest.

Daiyousei with summons

Daiyousei with the two fairies summoned by her "Call for Help."

Name Race Attribute HP ATK DEF MNT SPD
Sunflower Fairy (Red) Fairy Red 41 36 36 36 40
Sunflower Fairy (Blue) Fairy Blue 41 36 36 36 40

NPC Units Edit

NPC units are units that show up in quests but cannot be collected by the player. Some main units were released as NPC units before getting their own events and spell cards. Due to this, some NPCs today may get their own pages later down the road when they are released for the player's use.

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