Tenshi is an event-exclusive unit that has extremely high health, as well a solid all-around defense, albeit her attack power is rather lacking. Her unit skill is a guaranteed damage reduction at 1 HP, similar to Reimu's except it only happens one time and it isn't a luck-based chance. She has a slow level growth similar to units like Remilia.

Where to Obtain Edit

Tenshi and her spell cards are acquired from the Event Quest "Tenshi Attacks," which is open on Easy difficulty to units level 10 and above.

Spell Cards Edit

Name Attribute Power Cost Type Special Effect
Non-Perception "Sword of Neither Perception nor Non-Perception" Blue 70 2 Magic attack 3 times. Removes any buffs present on targets it hits.
Spirit Sign "Sword of Meteorological Revelation" Blue 80 4 Magic attack 3 times. Reduces damage received after it activates. Also converts part of the damage received into extra damage for the next attack.
Earthquake "Sword of Pleasure After Hardship" Brown 100 6 Magic attack 7 times. Passively resets the action gauge of enemy units when they cast spell cards.

Strategy Edit

Tenshi is a tough unit, but like Hina she boasts the same inability to guard her other teammates. Despite this, her high health and defense, coupled with her unit skill, means that she is exceptionally difficult to knock out. Her unit skill itself may appear underwhelming, but if she is still surrounded by party members, her unit skill can give her a chance at living for a decent while longer if lucky. Sword of Neither Perception nor Non-Perception is the bane of Duplex Barrier and Luna Clock, and having Tenshi strike multiple opponents with it will effectively make these two cards pointless. Sword of Meteorological Revelation makes Tenshi even tougher than she is normally, and as long as she keeps taking damage, she will keep dealing more and more damage back to the enemy. However, since she does not attract damage like Meiling does, it is difficult to capitalize upon this effect purposely. Sword of Pleasure After Hardship is not only a strong card, but its cost is justified as it severely delays the other team in activating their selected spell cards. The effect also counters Sakuya's unit skill, making it one of the few ways to slow down an otherwise supernaturally swift unit.

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