Reimu's third spell card.

Illustration for the card was done by 相生青唯 (NSFW).

Notes Edit

A two-part spell card. When it's activated, it sends all of the active spell cards the enemy has to the Used pile. Only spell cards that have been cast one time are destroyed-- if the spell card's been placed but still has its black back facing forward and hasn't been used yet, it won't be cleared. After this first casting, every time Reimu uses this card, it will be via a rapid-fire 10 shot attack against an enemy. Individually the hits are weak, but there's a lot of them, enough so that even "Darkened" can have trouble halting this card.

Stacking this card will recast the original enemy spell card wipe and will then boost the damage of the multi-hit portion afterwards.

Has a max quantity of 3.

Where to Obtain Edit

  • Reimu's Danmaku Play/Normal/First Time Clear
  • Reimu's Danmaku Play/Hard/First Time Clear
  • Reimu's Danmaku Play/Lunatic/First Time Clear
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