Reimu is a balanced unit obtained immediately when beginning the game. As such, she starts out with one copy of the spell cards Homing Amulet and Persuasion Needle. Her unit skill, which activates around 16% of the time, makes her a highly defensive character when lucky, and her level growth is average. Besides her unit skill, she is currently the only unit that can apply a defensive buff, not just to herself but to the whole party.

Where to Obtain Edit

Reimu is immediately available to all players upon account creation. However, most of her spell cards are not until the player has cleared her Event Quest "Reimu's Danmaku Play."

Spell Cards Edit

Name Attribute Power Cost Type Special Effect
Homing Amulet Red 200 2 Physical attack once to all targets. N/A
Persuasion Needle White 85 2 Physical attack 3 times. N/A
Spirit Sign "Fantasy Seal" Red 10 4 Physical attack 10 times. Does no damage on activation but clears all activated spell cards on the enemy's side.
Dream Sign "Evil-Sealing Circle" White 85 4 Physical attack 3 times. Passively reduces the speed of all opponents and grants DEF and MNT debuffs to all targets hit for 2 turns.
Dream Sign "Duplex Barrier" Red 0 3 N/A Grants DEF and MNT buffs to all party members it hits for 4 turns.

Strategy Edit

Reimu often works best in a support role with multiple barrier cards to apply over the course of the battle while simultaneously clearing the opponent's cards via Fantasy Seal. It is important to note, however, that Reimu's Fantasy Seal will not clear cards that have not been selected by the opponent or face-down before unit activation. Only cards that have activated at least once are affected by Fantasy Seal, which means that powerful spell cards will still hit your team at least once. Evil-Sealing Circle's effect is also smaller than Duplex Barrier's, which means that it is difficult to counteract an enemy Reimu's Duplex Barrier with Evil-Sealing Circle, although the card is still helpful against unbuffed units and works well with Sakuya's Luna Clock. Duplex Barrier itself is a fantastic card to pair with Sakuya's Tea Time, but is weak to piercing attacks like Marisa's Master Spark and Stardust Reverie. Also, when casting Duplex Barrier, try not to allow Reimu to be hit by Rumia's darkness. A "Darkened" Reimu will only cast Duplex Barrier on one party member, which turns it into quite a waste of bombs. Darkness is also a debilitating effect for Fantasy Seal, as Reimu's hits during that spell card are exceedingly weak at the individual level.

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