Medicine is an event exclusive unit that doesn't have any glaring strengths or weaknesses in the stat department. She does, however, bring a unique status effect to the table, able to inflict poison upon enemies via her unit skill and various spell cards. Her level growth is moderately fast.

Where to Obtain Edit

Medicine and her spell cards can be acquired from the Event Quest "Medicine Attacks," which is open to units level 5 and above on Easy difficulty.

Spell Cards Edit

Name Attribute Power Cost Type Special Effect
Sweet Poison Yellow 80 2 Magical attack 3 times. N/A
Fog Sign "Gassing Garden" Red 250 3 Magical attack once to all targets. Passively slows down the spell card draw speed of the opponent for every enemy unit poisoned.
Poison Sign "Poison Breath" Yellow 100 4 Magical attack 4 times. Passively poisons an enemy unit every time they attack a friendly unit or a friendly unit attacks them.

Strategy Edit

While Medicine is average in stats and spell card amount, her poison can be debilitatingly strong, so she is definitely not a weak unit. Gassing Garden, if lucky, can severely slow down the rate as to which the enemy pulls spell cards from their deck, greatly reducing their spell card variety and hampering their ability to cast powerful spell cards. Poison Breath, while advertised as poisoning enemies after they have attacked, appears to also apply its passive effect to every friendly unit's attack as well, making it disproportionately powerful for its cost by ensuring that every unit on the enemy team is poisoned nearly all the time. Poison in itself is a powerful status effect as well, not only dealing damage over time but also disrupting healing effects by preventing the afflicted from healing themselves or receiving healing from others. This makes Medicine a rare counter for Sakuya's Tea Time, and also a unit that can severely stunt Remilia's overwhelming strength. Like all status effects, "Poisoned" can stack with "Frozen" and "Darkened," but in Medicine's case, her effect does little to interfere with other status effects. It must be noted, though, that an enemy only takes poison damage after they have acted. Delaying the enemy's action gauge (such as through freezing or spell cards like Killing Doll) will subsequently delay the poison. This also means that it may be better to simply attack an enemy directly instead of waiting for poison to finish them off if the enemy in question is going to activate a strong spell card that will severely damage the player's party.

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