Marisa is an early-game unit that specializes in speed, attack power, and magic defense. She becomes more ferocious (damage x1.5) after she has been damaged, and she has average level growth on par with Reimu's. Her main weakness is a low health base, turning her into a "glass cannon" character.

Where to Obtain Edit

Marisa and her spell cards are acquired from the Main Quest "Hakurei Shrine," which is open to level 1 units and above on the Easy difficulty. One of her rarer cards, Non-Directional Laser, is also available from the Main Quest "Voile the Magic Library" on Lunatic, which is the quest most associated with Patchouli.

Spell Cards Edit

Name Attribute Power Cost Type Special Effect
Magic Missile Yellow 85 2 Magic attack 3 times. N/A
Illusion Laser Yellow 200 2 Magical attack once to all targets. N/A
Love Sign "Master Spark" Yellow 240 5 Magic attack 3 times. Ignores enemy damage reduction.
Magic Sign "Stardust Reverie" Yellow 400 5 Magical attack once to all targets. Ignores enemy damage reduction.
Non-Directional Laser Yellow 200 3 Magical attack once to all targets. Every time this spell is activated, Marisa's ATK is buffed for 2 turns.

Strategy Edit

Marisa's low health means that she is easy to knock out regardless of the enemy's attribute alignment, and this is especially true against enemies of purple alignment, as while she is strong against them, they are also equally as strong against her. She therefore works best when she is guarded by a character like Meiling. Defensive buffs can currently only be cast by Reimu, but this means she is an effective counter against Duplex Barrier when using either Master Spark or Stardust Reverie. Her Master Spark and Stardust Reverie also bypass outright damage reduction, allowing her to ignore Reimu's, Tenshi's, and Hina's unit skills, as well as the special effect of Tenshi's Sword of Meteorological Revelation. Her ATK buff from Non-Directional Laser stacks, so it can be extremely effective to cast this spell early in a quest and then cast a stronger spell card right before a boss fight, making it a useful lead-in move to high damage counts from Master Spark or Stardust Reverie. Reimu's Duplex Barrier can help Marisa's longevity, but casting Sakuya's Tea Time on Marisa is often a wasted effort as stronger bosses may take her out in one or two hits and her damage is buffed when her health is lowered.

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