Koakuma, like Daiyousei, is a unit normally subservient towards another boss, and thus doesn't have her own stage either. She is quite defensive, and she plays a supportive role, although the most recent update has given her more attack options as well. Her level growth is moderately fast, and is certainly much faster than Patchouli's.

Where to Obtain Edit

Koakuma and her spell cards are random drops from the Main Quest "Voile the Magic Library" on Normal and Hard difficulties. She is a guaranteed clear reward from "Patchouli's Counterattack" on Normal and Hard thanks to her new spell card there.

Name Attribute Power Cost Type Special Effect
Grimoire Arrangement Purple 200 2 Physical attack 1 time. Draws 2 spell cards upon activation instead of attacking.
Voile the Magic Library (Spell Card) Purple 200 2 Physical attack 1 time. Creates a state where an extra spell card is added every time a magician's spell card is drawn.
Nameless Little Devil Purple 0 4 N/A Creates a state where every time a spell card is drawn, Koakuma magically attacks 4 times at 100 power.

Strategy Edit

Koakuma is a clear-cut support role whose main job is to pull a larger variety of spell cards for the rest of her team. She doesn't attack too often due to her low speed and lack of multi-hits, and because she doesn't increase the amount of bombs for the team in any way, her ability set doesn't appear to be extremely beneficial to any party as of right now. However, she can helpful to include on teams that need more purple units, and her best partners are magicians like Patchouli and Marisa. Nameless Little Devil, at the least, combines very well with Koakuma's other active spell cards since it activates per spell card drawn, and so will activate multiple times if multiple spell cards are drawn at the same time. Also, she has the potential to pair well with Rumia's Demarcation while Nameless Little Devil is active.

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