Ghost Battle enables you to battle the 15 teams that were most recently uploaded to Sitappa's server via the Party Upload button in the Unit tab (including yours, if you had uploaded a team recently). All units in Ghost Battle are fixed at level 30.

Operating Ghost Battle Edit

From the Home screen, click on either Quest button to reach the Quest screen.

Ghostbattle 00

From there, click on the third small circle titled ゴーストバトル.

Ghostbattle 01

In order to battle with a team, you may click on the banner in the same manner you would do for quests. As the rewards are only awarded once, if you have won all 15 teams, you may refresh the list of teams by clicking the refresh button.

Ghostbattle 02

You may upload your team onto Ghost Battle using the Party Upload button in the Unit screen.

Ghostbattle 03

Rewards Edit

One piece of furniture will always be awarded upon winning a battle.

Ghostbattle 04

Spell cards may also be available as rewards, restricted to the following conditions:

  • The unit whose spell card is available as a reward must be present in the team you are fighting.
  • It is not possible to obtain a card for a unit that you do not already have.
  • A unit can have a maximum of 3 copies of each spell card; the strongest spell cards are typically not obtainable in Ghost Battle.
  • Only spell cards classified as "Rare Drops" can be acquired from Ghost Battle.
Ghostbattle 06

3 Medicine Pills will also appear as a reward for every ten Ghost Battles won.

Ghostbattle 05
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