Rumia's fourth spell card.

Illustration for the card was done by 相生青唯(NSFW).

Notes Edit

This card's effect is triggered by any action from an ally, including basic attacks, spell card usages, and counter attacks.

Rumia's attacks triggered by this card are brown-aligned with a power of 200. They target whoever the player has marked with the cross-hairs like any other attack spell card, and if the player has not marked an enemy target, the attacks will hit enemies randomly.

Each hit from this card is still affected by Rumia's unit skill, which means a large chance of inflicting darkness upon enemies.

Has a max quantity of 3.

Where to Obtain Edit

  • Forest Behind the Shrine/Easy/Rare Drop
  • Forest Behind the Shrine/Normal/Rare Drop
  • Forest Behind the Shrine/Hard/Rare Drop
  • Forest Behind the Shrine/Lunatic/First Time Clear