Reimu's fifth spell card.

Illustration for the card was done by 理中モルチ(NSFW).

Notes Edit

As an auxiliary card it doesn't interrupt spell cards with active attacks.

Increases the DEF and MNT of all allies by 500%. Stacking the card again while the buff is active will add another 50% to the buff. It also extends the buff for another 4 turns.

This card is affected by effects that reduce multi-hits, such as the status effect "Darkened." When Reimu is darkened while casting this card, the effect will only buff one party member.

This spell card's effect is classified as both a buff and a damage reduction. Cards that can bypass damage reductions and buffs will ignore this card.

Has a max quantity of 3.

How to Obtain Edit

  • Reimu's Danmaku Play/Hard/First Time Clear
  • Reimu's Danmaku Play/Lunatic/First Time Clear
  • Reimu's Character Quest/Easy/First Time Clear
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