Meiling's fourth spell card.

Illustration for the card was done by ZYANNA(NSFW).

Notes Edit

The card's hit count increases only after the spell card is activated for the first time. Once it is, however, the spell card will keep counting for the rest of the battle even if it is not active anymore. Reactivating the card will continue the count where it left off, even if the first card has been sent to the Used pile.

This card's high cost means that it can be hard to use alone with only Meiling's unit skill, as Meiling will frequently be below 50% HP when she is finally able to start this card. If her allies keep her defense high or raise her HP, however, then this spell card becomes remarkably easy to charge.

Has a max quantity of 3.

Where to Obtain Edit

  • Scarlet Devil Mansion Main Gate/Easy/Rare Drop
  • Scarlet Devil Mansion Main Gate/Normal/Rare Drop
  • Scarlet Devil Mansion Main Gate/Hard/Rare Drop
  • Scarlet Devil Mansion Main Gate/Lunatic/First Time Clear
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