Meiling's third spell card.

Illustration for the card was done by 茶んた(NSFW).

Notes Edit

This card allows Meiling to counterattack opponents that hit her with any attack classed as physical, including normal attacks, spell card attacks, physical attacks from auxiliary cards like Eating, and even an enemy Meiling's counter state (this does not create an infinite loop of counterattacks, however, and stops after one counter).

The card reduces damage received based on the formula of 2/(# of active stacks of this card + 2) and then shoots one attack with its damage calculated via the formula (base damage) + (extra damage).

  • The base damage is 100 power by default without any modifiers, but the damage will go up or down depending on attribute affinity, buff/debuffs, and whether the boss has high DEF. Stacking the card also uniquely increases the base damage under the formula (# of active stacks of this card - 1) x 0.5.
  • The extra damage is the exact number of damage Meiling took from the first hit in the battle, and it does not change once it is set. Both physical and magical damage count for this number.

If Meiling gets hit by multiple attacks from different sources at the same time (possible due to Eating), she will counter the last attacker.

If there is an enemy Meiling in the party, all of Meiling's counters will strike that Meiling instead of their intended target, at least until Meiling's unit skill stops coming into effect.

Marisa, Patchouli, Medicine, Cirno, Tenshi, and Hina all use magic attacks both as their normal, base attacks and spell card attacks, so none of these units can be countered by Meiling.

Has a max quantity of 3.

Where to Obtain Edit

  • Scarlet Devil Mansion Main Gate/Easy/Rare Drop
  • Scarlet Devil Mansion Main Gate/Normal/Rare Drop
  • Scarlet Devil Mansion Main Gate/Hard/Rare Drop
  • Scarlet Devil Mansion Main Gate/Lunatic/First Time Clear