• Lalasa

    Hey, everyone!  As you're all probably aware by now, I'm the original creator of this wiki.  I don't know if everyone has noticed, but I haven't been making new pages for units like I used to do for each update.  Now, originally the reason was that I was unable to use a computer for two weeks.  But now the bigger issue is that even though I can play Hakurei Frontier and access the wiki easily, I am no longer able to pull high quality images for this wiki.

    Before anyone asks, my previous method for uploading the transparent art rips was to use a SWF file decompiler for the game's SWF file that contained all of the pictures, known as "unit_illust.swf."  But for some unknown reason I am no longer able to find this file in the game's sources, o…

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  • Thirth

    Ghost Mode Guide

    September 20, 2017 by Thirth

    Ghost Battle enables you to battle the 15 teams that were most recently uploaded to sitappa's server via the Party Upload button in the Unit tab (including yours, if you had uploaded a team recently).

    • Obtain Furniture
    • Obtain some spellcards that may be tedious to grind otherwise. You will notice that some of the teams uploaded to Ghost Battle contain characters not armed with spell cards. This is typically used for grinding spellcards of those specific characters. Note that:
      • You cannot obtain a card of a character you do not already have.
      • There can be a maximum of 3 copies of each spell card, and that the strongest spell cards are typically not obtainable in Ghost Battle.
    • Obtain Medicine Pills: After winning roughly about 6-8 Ghost Battles, 3x …

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  • Lalasa

    To all those English players that have arrived at this humble wiki after trying to make sense of the Japanese texts, I heartily welcome you.  I must confess that I am not a Japanese speaker, and that many titles and descriptions are English "approximations" of Google translated texts.  I thereby encourage anyone who is bilingual in Japanese and English to create stronger translations and to build upon what I have started.  Thank you for bearing with me regardless, and I sincerely hope that this wiki is of help to you as you play Sitappa's Hakurei Frontier.

    Lalasa (talk) 03:38, August 30, 2017 (UTC)Lalasa

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