Aya is a fragile speedster that is an event exclusive release. Her unit skill has the potential to up her impressive speed further whenever she or her party members casts white attribute spell cards. She has the highest SPD in the game thus far, but she is balanced by low DEF, MNT, and HP. Her level growth is moderately slow.

Where to Obtain Edit

Aya and her spell cards can be acquired from the Event Quest "VS Aya," which is open to units level 5 and above on Easy difficulty.

Spell Cards Edit

Name Attribute Power Cost Type Special Effect
Wind Sign "Wind God's Fan" White 75 2 Physical attack 3 times. Upon activation returns the oldest card in both the party's and the enemy's stocks to their respective hands then attacks. (If the hand has 5 cards already, the card is returned to the deck.)
Gust "Wind God Girl" White 80 3 Physical attack 4 times. Upon activation returns two of the enemy's spell cards from the stock to the deck, then attacks.
Tornado "Guidepost for the Advent of the Divine Grandson" White 80 5 Physical attack 7 times. Upon activation sends all of the enemy's spell cards from the stock to their hand. (If the hand has 5 cards already, the cards are returned to the deck.)

Strategy Edit

Aya's spell cards, while not deleting the enemy's cards like Reimu's Fantasy Seal does, still are difficult to counter because of how they inherently waste her opponent's bombs. Combined with her speed, her spell cards are perfect for stealing the thunder right out of opponents. All three spell cards, unlike Fantasy Seal, can knock out cards placed in the stock but are still face down and inactivated. They also knock out cards that are active. Wind God's Fan has a strange effect where it knocks out both the oldest card in the enemy party, but also the oldest in your own party. If Wind God's Fan is the first card used, it will still throw an attack but then will promptly knock itself back to the player's hand; this makes it highly reusable due to its low bomb cost. Wind God Girl is the best card to use if the player's opponent has undesirable cards, for even though it doesn't remove them from play, it still delays the enemy from being able to use the card again for quite a while. Guidepost for the Advent of the Divine Grandson is a powerful card that can stunt the enemy party's spell card lineup if used against an entire stock. If the player suspects that the enemy party is using several powerful cards, or is planning to use several annoying smaller cards, this card will push the enemy's cards back into the hand, which is actually quite a dangerous effect as it scrambles the enemy's hand and makes it difficult to recover the bombs necessary to recast all of the cards. Dealing with an Aya can be quite difficult as there is no way currently to protect the player's cards from these spell card effects. Combining Aya's spell cards with Sakuya's Eternal Meek is sure to cripple the enemy party, and currently the only real way to deal with Aya is to try and slow her down via cards like Luna Clock and Killing Doll, freezing her via Cirno, or just outright trying to knock her out as quickly as possible (as she is a squishy unit).

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